Female Pastors – Should Women Preach?

women pastors

In recent years especially, there have been some women who claim to have been called to preach. But are women preachers Biblical? Some say women should not preach. Others say female Pastors are preaching in accordance with the Bible. They cannot both be right, so we must go to God’s Word for the answer. If we do not […]

How do we Know the Bible is True?

is the bible reliable

Do Christians really just have faith in a book, or is the Bible more than just a book? Some non-believers have accused Christians of using circular reasoning to support the reliability of the Bible and it being written by men who were directly inspired by God. They say Christians believe the Bible is true because the […]

Did Jesus go to Hell?

is jesus in hell

There is great confusion over the question of whether or not Jesus went to hell. After all, the wages of sin is death and “death” in the Bible always means “separation,” not ceasing to exist. We know that the “death” in Hebrews 6:23 “the wages of sin is death…” is separation from God. We know that […]

What Does ‘Repent’ Mean?

what does repent mean

The word “repent” appears in both the Old Testament and New Testament, in it’s different variants, hundreds of times. The transliteration of the word (as it relates to sin) is “metanoeō.” In all cases, this word refers to a “turning away from” and “regretting” sin. If you break the word down, you will get a literal […]

Does the Bible Say the Earth is Flat?

bible round earth

Many non-believers claim that the Bible states that the earth is flat. There are several verses throughout God’s Word that they use to supposedly support their claim. However, those who have actually read the Bible (in context) immediately see the fallacy of their arguments. There is not a Single Verse in the Bible that Suggests […]

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