What Does the Bible Say about Homosexuality

There is a large push in secular media, and sadly a small number of self-proclaimed Christian organizations, attacking everyone who does not support homosexuality. It is aligned with “equality” and if a person states that it is wrong to be gay, they are labeled a “bigot.”

But what does the Bible say about homosexuality? what does it say about being gay in the bible

Does God hate gay people? Can you be gay and be a Christian? Let’s turn to His Word and find out.

The Bible is very clear: Homosexuality is sinful. The only way a person could claim that God’s Word does not consider homosexuality sinful would be if they simply changed God’s Word. And when that happens, it is no longer God’s Word, but man’s word.

Some Bible verses that tell us very clearly that homosexuality is a sin are (hover over to view): Genesis 19:1-13Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13Romans 1:26-27and 1 Corinthians 6:9-10.

So, what does the Bible say about being gay? As you can see, He says that it is wrong.

Homosexual tendencies are no different than any other sinful desire and should be treated similarly.

Gays Should Not Be Attacked

A person who has not been born-again, will benefit from the witness of a believer. A believer who attacks someone for being gay, may as well attack every other lost person for each of their sins. Homosexuality is not right and should NEVER be embraced or supported in any way, but it is an issue of the heart, so it must be dealt with by helping the person realize that, and not by attacking them.

It is very important to understand that the salvation of any person is not dependent on whether they are attracted to members of the same sex or whether they have committed any other sin. It is abundantly clear that ONE sin condemns us all (we were shapen in iniquity – Psalm 51:5) for eternity and there has only been One who has ever lived without sin: Jesus Christ.

It is only by Grace through Faith in Jesus Christ that anyone is saved. A homosexual is no more condemned than a heterosexual. A sinner is a sinner and we all sin. If we treat lost homosexuals any differently than we treat lost heterosexuals, we are not doing anyone any good. As a matter of fact, if we attack ANYONE, as Believers, we are probably pushing the person being attacked, and all who witness it, away from the Lord. This would be progressing Satan’s agenda, not the Lords.

Does that Mean Being Gay and Christian is Possible?

Since we’re all sinners, does that mean a gay person can be a Christian? Yes, it does. BUT a person who has been converted and has the Holy Spirit abiding within, will not embrace that old sinful nature. That means a believer will see homosexuality in it’s true, sinful light and “take up his cross” (Luke 9:23) daily, no longer embracing those lusts, but turning from them along with all other sin.

It is an Issue of the Heart, not of Sexual Orientation

The foundation of this entire conversation really is an issue of the heart. We are all sinners who need a savior and God Himself has become that Savior to all who will accept Him. Whether you are attracted to members of the same sex or not, if you choose to hold onto sin (in it’s various forms) rather than to seek Him, you are condemned already. But those who have Faith in Jesus Christ are not condemned (John 3:18).

Love Him and trust in Him and He will save you. Love sin and you will remain condemned. The only hope that remains is in Jesus Christ. Will you accept Him as your Savior by faith (click here to read more about what faith is and why it is required for salvation) or will you reject His Word, subsequently rejecting Him? Will you desire what is right or what is wrong? This is the decision that our loving God gives us the freedom to make.

Joshua 24:15 “But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.”

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