Does Science Support a Creator or Evolution?

For most of history, an overwhelming percentage of the world population have believed that we are created beings. Even today, in a society that is seemingly ambushed by “Scientists” who push their beliefs of a “big bang” and monkey to man evolution off as fact in our schools and through our media, it is still a tiny percentage (somewhere around 1%) of the world’s population who believe that we came into existence without a Creator.

does science disprove godSo most people in the world do believe in a God. The question then comes down to who God is. Of those of us who believe in a God, the majority believe that the God of the Holy Scriptures (the Bible) is the One True God.

But does science really suggest that we are the result of a evolutionary process that has been occurring for millions of years?

True Science is that which can be Observed and Examined

If someone tells you that “this” is a fact, and he can’t show you the observable proof, then you know, right away, that you’re dealing with a person’s belief, and not proven fact. It MAY BE a fact. But unless there is observable evidence, it remains belief!

Most Christians will very willingly tell you that their Faith in God is just that, their Faith. There are many observable facts in Science that a Christian will point to, which does indeed support their argument, but they simply believe that the things that the Bible say are wrong, are wrong, and the things that the Bible says are right, are right. They believe, in their heart, that the account of creation and everything beyond it in the Bible, is true.

Most atheists, on the other hand, tend to claim that evolution is “fact.” Many atheists will criticize the majority of the population who believe in God, saying they have “blind faith” and ignore the facts. But they are forced to accept the fact (whether they admit it or not) that they have just as much (some would argue even more) faith as those who believe in God, when they claim that the current human form is a result of millions (some even say billions) of years of genetic mutation, but cannot provide a single fossil, among thousands and thousands of fossils that they claim are ancient, which show a transition from one kind to another.

Yes, we have observable fossils that show abnormal skeletal structures, skulls etc. (there have been genetic defects for most of creation, due to the curse that was brought on by sin) but there does not exist, one single fossil that would indicate in any way the transition between monkey and man. Nor does there exist a single transitional fossil for ANY animal.

There are many fossils that show many different breeds of different animals. Slightly different characteristics of humans, but these are all changes of KINDS, which is perfectly in line with the Bible. In Genesis, the account of the Creation, it is repeated ten times that God created creatures separately according to various “kinds.”

There are many different breeds of dogs. But they are all dogs. There are many different breeds of chickens, but they are all chickens. And there are several different races of humans, but they are still humans.

Furthermore, many scientists believe that the layered fossil remains, mineral deposits, large canyons and all other observable science strongly suggest that the creation of the Bible is true indeed (see video below article for more on that).

And on top of it all, those evolutionists who reject a creator, are not able to create a single living organism from dead matter, as they believe (again, that word “believe”) happened billions of years ago. Not even the simplist of life forms… not a single blade of grass… not a simple little bug… they cannot make something come from nothing, nor can they make something that has no life, obtain life.

Whether you Believe in Creation or Evolution, you BELIEVE

There are many different arguments that can be made on both sides, but when it comes down to it, those who believe the Bible is the true, inerrant, inspired Word of God and those who believe our ancestors are monkeys, both have Faith.

This isn’t anything that Christians deny. We have Faith. We embrace it and those of us who have Faith of the heart, will tell you that we have more than faith… more than religion, we have a relationship. That is because ever since that moment in time when our heart changed (by an act of God Himself we were reborn), our entire lives changed for the better. But again, that is not something that can be proven, so to the outside world it remains Faith.

And because those who believe in evolution cannot produce a single transitional fossil that shows a change of kinds or create life from dead matter, as they claim “nothing” created “something” billions of years ago, then their faith remains just that, faith.

That’s really what it comes down to. No matter what you believe, you have faith. Your faith is either in man or in God.

Joshua 24:15 – And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve … but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

For a more detailed and scientific discussion on both sides, from two scientists (one Creation Scientist, and one Evolution Scientist) I highly recommend the video below: